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DropPoi – is a newest model, created at our customers requests to develop Flow Art movement! More and more performers spinning skilfully and using throws and balance-wheels appear every day. When we worked on this model, we wanted, first of all, to add it for a change to our production range and to share our view on the Flow Art development. As a main idea - the poi heads have a shape of a drop twisted to a spiral.

LED Knobs. Have a Micro-USB charging, the same system of controls and 32 modes. Each knob contain 3 ultra bright LEDs.

Limited Edition. Manufactured in Russia. If you wish, call them - Russian Poi :)

We've tried to aggregate all the best:

A sophisticated, shatterproof, soft, durable and nice to the feel modern case design.

Great performance, weight, gravity center and spinning balance, suitable for skillful spinning, throws and balance-wheels lovers. + Thick textile cording, comfortable for spinning handles – nobes.

Ultra brightness! 24 LEDs in a poi head, high level of brightness and pure colors!

32 professional and mesmerizing flashing patterns + 1 DEMO mode.

Li-Ion battery (1200 Mah). Micro-USB charge, long battery performance.

The energy saving mode will help you to make the working time 2-3 times longer by one click! It's a very convenient function for long journeys as well as for photo and video shootings or performances in the dark when high light intensity isn't needed or isn't comfortable.

P.S. it's possible this model looks like the well-known poi created by an American company. We dutifully claim that they have nothing in common, we don't want to copy them or try to compete. We aren't going to compare them, our model is different. Drop Poi – it is props which manufactured in Russia as a limited edition for local market. After some feedbacks from international guests, props available for order to everyone since April 2019.


Parameters & Other

     Tech specs:
Total LEDs: 24 LEDs each poi head.
Weight: 110 or 150gr./ 1 poi head.
Heads Size: 116mm long and 70mm in diameter.
Ready to use modes: 32 + 1 Demo mode.
Battery: Li-Ion 1200 mAh
Working time: ~4+ hours in full power and up to 16+ hours in energy saving mode.
Full charging time: ~1-2 hours by MicroUSB cable
Number of colors: 16,7 m.
     What you'll get:
Poi kit (pair) + 100% cotton bag High quality and durability
Knob Handles High brightness.
2 Micro-USB cables Long working time
English manual Easy controls by one button.