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Dear customers and friends! Despite the world situation in connection COVID-19, postal services still work and our team following all the recommendations work as usually. We ship orders worldwide twice per week, but depending on your country, there may be some delays in delivery. Thank you all for your understanding. Be healthy and do not succumb to a panic!

CosmoStaff (LED Dragon Staff) - released! - 23.03.2020

We present you a stylish and ultra bright Dragon Staff for your performing, flow and creativity! Our project team has made all the possible efforts to create the most convenient and balanced collapsible LED Dragon Staff.

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Neo-Buugeng / LED Pixel Collapsible Buugeng - released! - 06.11.2019

Neo-Buugeng - Absolutely unique props for light show! Did you seen ever before LED collapsible buugeng? NeoPoi.Com happy to present you the first in the world programmable LED Pixel buugeng in collapsible edition! Incredibly comfortable for your travels. Just fold them and put them in your backpack!

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IzoPoi | LED Contact poi 100mm - released! - 03.07.2019

IzoPoi | LED Contact poi - newest awesomeness poi model of July 2019! Available for order!

IzoPoi – is one more unique product by NeoPoi. IzoPoi is an awesome ball-shaped LED contact poi with 100 mm diameter. It’s incredibly firm, convenient and balanced. One can wheel and throw them, and perform advanced tricks!

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Neo-Fans 80HD - was released! - 03.06.2019

NeoFans 80HD - Absolutely Exclusive, Amazing and Fantastic project!

The world's first fans with the highest resolution of displaying images! High-tech model for light show professionals! 80 pixel resolution per 1 beam / 640 LEDs in 1 fan!

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LED Levi Wands! / Levitation Sticks series released! - 27.04.2019

We're very glad to present you with our Levi Wands series: Levi Wand - Spectrum, NeoWand 48 and NeoWand 96.

During the production of this light equipment, we tried to get the maximum level of convenience and quality. Our engineers developed a convenient balance and fixation system. We considered the artists' preferences, conducted all the necessary tests and got a lot of positive reviews.

DropPoi - available for order since 16 April 2019. - 16.04.2019

DropPoi – is a newest model, created at our clients' requests to develop Flow Art movement! More and more performers spinning skilfully and using throws and balance-wheels appear every day. When we worked on this model, we wanted, first of all, to add it for a change to our production range and to share our view on the Flow Art development. As a main idea - the poi heads have a shape of a drop twisted to a spiral.

P.S. it's possible this model looks like the well-known pois created by an American company. We dutifully claim that they have nothing in common, we don't want to copy them or try to compete. We aren't going to compare them, our model is different. Drop Poi – it is not a Taiwan product, it is fully hand-made props which manufactured in Russia as a limited edition for local market. After some feedbacks from international guests, props available for order to everyone since April 2019.

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Nunchaku - Spectrum | Restocked in new special case! - 09.04.2019

New caps, fat black cord, new amazing outer grip-case in "zip-zag" style.

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AeroPoi - restocked in new case! - 01.04.2019

After a couple of months, after the delay, AeroPoi is restocked! In the absence time, we've created an absolutely new outer case looking even more sophisticated!

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Crystal Fans FX3 - New shape, new amazing fans! - 20.03.2019

Meet our brand new product of 2019 – LED linear fans with pixel effects Crystal Fans FX3! The fans of creative forms especially will like this model. Also, it'll be appreciated by artists searching for maximum efficiency, functionality and convenience.

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PoiCon 2019 | Russian Poicon Convention - 17.01.2019

In January 2019 traditionally the first PoiCon convention came round. It's the largest in its own way event in Russia. Its program consisted of 3 days of fancy workshops, informal communication and magnificent after party! After which we've got loaded with some new ideas and desire to put them into life!

Every year our team takes part in this terrific event and stands in as one of the sponsors. As props manufacturers and creators, we are very glad to see the movement is living, growing and developing. Due to the fact that PoiCon accumulates the professionals from all corners of Russia and near abroad, one can get really valuable tips and opinions which we consider during the manufacturing process. We improve the props making them even more convenient and durable for you!

Thank the organizers' team, every year the convention comes round on a very high level, and more and more foreigners from different countries visit it. PoiCon is exactly worth visiting! We invite all performers and professionals to visit PoiCon 2020 in Russia! ;)

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The importance of color correction - 03.11.2018

When people speak about pixel poi, they think about bright images appearing during the spinning, but when one buys pois, the details and technical characteristics are ignored. As a result, the expectations are not always true to life.

Quite often you may find the following comments in discussions: "I have uploaded an image, but in real life, it looks very different", "some LEDs do not display certain colors" or "there are green stripes on light and white colors" etc. and why is this happen? Besides the number of pixels (resolution) and the image reading speed, one should pay attention to one of the main characteristics – to well-designed color correction, which is for some reason often neglected even by large and famous manufacturers. And even such a noted indicator as the number of displayed million colors or high resolution often loses its importance, if their operation is not adjusted properly.

You can be sure that all props produced by NeoPoi are based on the original components and the correct color display system, and, in addition to other "smart" functions, your show programs will be always bright and spectacular!

New video with a top rated poi spinners! - 03.09.2018

One of the brightest events of August 2018 was a visit of Tim Goddard (aka Timmehtek), a famous Australian poister. With the Lara Loe's and her friends' support, we've filmed a little video!

We think we've unveiled the myth that pixel pois are spectacular but aren't comfortable for highly-skilled spinning. With NeoPoi 32 it's comfortable to do tricks of any complexity!

New edition of case. NeoFans get a “Tech” prefix. - 16.08.2018

Now all our pixel fans get a “Tech” prefix. What does it mean? Now both models of our 14- and 32-pixel fans have the most convenient weight for spinning.

To improve your skills, we've provided you with a simple weight customization for every beam. Now you can adjust the weight and dynamics of spinning for your individual style of spinning with a maximum comfort!

Newest fans model. NeoFans 14 was released. - 26.07.2018

neofans14Hurray! One more wonderful model of pixel fans — NeoFans 14. For this model, we've developed a special body with a concave lens. However, the resolution isn't high, this lens provides fans looking vibrant, spectacular and beautiful, similar to more expensive NeoFans 32. A body cover of every beam creates reliable protection, while the inner steel cover provides the durability of construction.

New version of the site in English is open! - 07.06.2018

Finally, the new version of the site in English is open! During summer we will definitely add the missing information and bring you joy with our new branded products with updated demo videos in better quality! Thank for your waiting!