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New type of props released! February update - 25.02.2021

We have added to our catalog as many as 3 versions of double-staffs, as well as a completely new programmable dragon-staff in two sizes and variations!

IzoPoi / Contact poi - Updated version! - 23.11.2020

Updated version! Which changes? Improved design of the inner capsule, new batteries, larger holes for a thicker cord. Additional 32 modes without strobe effects, with smooth overflows and gradients, total: 64 modes in 2 schemes!

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One more fans update! 3 more new shapes in our collection! - 11.09.2020


» Crystal shape fans in smaller size with tech grip, or hybrid variation with russian grip.

» Mesmerizing Lotus Shaped Fans released! Great choice for dancers!

» Unique design and experimental Heart Shaped Fans, especially for wedding show or for hearts lovers! :)

» As usually all our fans are fully programmable, you can create and upload your own effects, patterns and gradients, as well as edit the sequences of images!

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Programmable Rope Dart was added to catalogue. - 26.08.2020

NeoDart - Fully programmable Rope Dart with 12 pixels resolution. The stylish outer casing has a pleasant surface and is also - soft. To this RopeDart you can upload and create your own easy images, effects, patterns and gradients, as well as edit the sequence and timeline.

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LED Fans revolution and new fans generation of 2020! - 11.07.2020

Super summer news from our creative workshop! Here it is, new release of light and fully programmable fans in new casing!

Total 6 updated models including new shape. 4 models of Russian style fans & grips, 2 models of small size fans with tech grips (also as known as American style grips). Different sizes of grips available for each model!

New PolyFans series has been developed in accordance with our long experience and taking into account all the feedbacks we received. Together with artists we developed a unique series and new models! As distinct from more professional models, PolyFans series is suitable for the users of any skill level, so no only professianal artists can use them, beginners are welcome also!

Due to our unique modern materials and ecological polymers, PolyFans series is remarkable for its excellent durability, has optimal weight (~400gr.), which accepting long time spinning. Comfortable and not "flat" grips of the fans are soft, but at the same time smooth and easy to grip. The material of the handles is nice to the touch, thus making the fans usage, spinning and holding a real pleasure!

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One more item in a day props series! Dragon Staff for training! - 07.05.2020

Discs colors. For those who like their staff bright-colored and customized, we offer an additional option of painting the staff disks in bright fluorescent colors.

Discs material. We use special wear-resistant material for the discs, which is elastic, solid and durable and resistant to blows and drops.

Weight adjustment system. While communicating to masters and artists we have realized how different the weight of the Dragon Staff may be, and consequently, how important it is to allow you to make weight and momentum adjustments by yourself.

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One more modification of Double Staffs - Spectrum - 22.04.2020

New modification of our existing model - Double Staffs - Spectrum, which has several advantages. 1. Classical handle (16 mm diameter) featuring overgrip winding, is more comfortable and habitual for performing any kind of tricks, regardless of their difficulty. 2. Collapsible design, which is more convenient for transportation and traveling. Every double stuff consists of 3 parts. Enlarged, stylish and soft stuffheads.

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