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What makes us better than others?

Our props have exclusive functions and design which have no analogs in the world, for example - the accelerometer. This function allows tracking the speed of spinning and displaying any image correctly. In other words, the accelerometer automatically adjusts an image stretching and compression, while other manufacturers provide you only with a manual adjustment of the spinning speed.

We are the first in the world who presented programmable LED fans and staffs which lighten all along. Our pixel poi doesn't have inconvenient 10-15 cm. handles at the top, which add unnecessary length and displace the center of balance from the bottom to the top. All props we create are user-friendly.

Moreover, we use the unique color correction algorithms, wireless synchronization and much more! Thus, using our equipment you can create truly gorgeous and colorful show programs! Our props are easy to set up, to program and also they aren't afraid of accidental hits and falls. All props are equipped with the most modern and "smart" functions, have a year warranty and also a lifelong service during the props lifetime.


About NeoPoi.Com


Our company is the largest manufacturer of pixel and LED props since 2011 (in Russia). We make professional props for different artists and other performers.

Many years of developing, our experience and received reviews allow us to say for sure that at the moment we produce sustainable, convenient and user-friendly props and now, with the opening of this site in summer of 2018, we are finally ready to present them to you and the whole world!