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Dear friends! Due to the beginning of the high season at our production, there can be some delays in sending and processing orders. Plan your orders in advance please, if you want to get it in time.


If you want to make an order, please, do it using our site, it's the fastest and the most convenient way, our manager will contact you within 48 hours, invoice and provide you with all details. - The main e-mail for any questions. ( Ordering, shipping, cooperation, purchase, reviews, complaints, etc. ) - The customer technical support. (Warranty, upgrades, tech support, etc.)

 +7-916-223-03-31 (Messages only!) - For any questions. ( Ordering, shipping, purchase, technical support, warranty and etc. )

 +7-916-824-86-05 (Messages only!) - Quality service issues, cooperation, wholesale and etc.

Office & Showroom Location: 109316 Russia, Moscow, Volgogradsky prospekt 47, The "Cube" business center.

Phone & Wapp calls - not supported. Unfortunately we don’t have phone manager with full English support by phone, also international time zones and our working time are very different. We are a very small company and currently do not have staff who can take phone orders 24/7. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you via e-mail at We would love to help you. Usually we will reply on your e-mail within 48 hours.

If you want to add something to a placed order, have some questions, need a consultation, a piece of advice or some additional information about the products you can send a request to our e-mail: or by filling out the feedback form below.

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*In photo: our main team, also many thanks to people who supported us: programmers, theatres, artists, engineers, performers, freelancers and etc.