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PolyFans - Crystals FX
PolyFans - Crystals FX PolyFans - Crystals FX PolyFans - Crystals FX
How to choose the size of the grips in the Russian style? - Check this image

PolyFans / Crystal Fans FX

This model of fans got its name for a reason, because the fans have a unique Crystal shape, which was designed by NeoPoi. The model will appeal primarily to fans of a non-standard and spectacular shape, which will certainly add unusualness and awesomeness to your flow performances!

The fans are fully programmable, you can create and upload your own effects, patterns and gradients, as well as edit the sequences and timelines.

! Technologically, fans at this page are pixel fans, but due to special aspects of their shape, they don't show a clear and complex image unlike the classic pixel fans as NeoClassic 32 Fans. Fans at this page just display to viewers stunning special effects, tints and gradients which looking incredible in their own way. If you want the similar clear image as on visual programmable poi sticks, with the same way images programming, perhaps model of fans NeoClassic 32 will be better choice.

PolyFans - New Generation of led fans 2020 for users of any level.

New PolyFans series has been developed in accordance with our long experience and taking into account all the feedbacks we received. Together with artists we tried to develop a unique series and new models! As distinct from more professional models, PolyFans series is suitable for the users of any skill level!

Due to our unique modern materials and ecological polymers, PolyFans series is remarkable for its excellent durability. Comfortable handles of the fans are soft, but at the same time smooth and easy to grip. The material of the handles is nice to the touch, thus making the fans usage, spinning and holding a real pleasure!

Size, weight and balance. The middle size of the fans is suitable for the majority of the users. Comparing to the mostfans models can be found in the market, PolyFans model has low and optimal weight for long time spinning. In accordance with our engineers’ idea, the weight of the inside components is spread evenly throughout all the frame, allowing the fans to have a proper and amazing balance for spinning.


Features of the NeoPoi Engine

Wireless synchronization ( optional feature ). A modern feature of props. If you have this feature you can synchronize with each other any props including 2 items in the kit (such as poi, fans...). + Any other types of NeoPoi props used in a show can be synchronized with another, which allows you to start the show simultaneously pressing only one button.

Other key points and features

Images uploading and preparing. For images editing, you don't need any special converting software. Connect the props to a computer like a USB drive and edit any image or show program with any editing program.

Parameters & Other

     Tech specs:
Total LEDs: 124 LEDs each fan.
Weight: 385g. / 1 fan. + 30g. adjustable extra weight.
Rendering speed: 1000-4540 rows/second.
Ready to use modes: ~70+ pictures.
Battery: Li-Ion 1800 mAh
Working time: ~ up to 7 hours.
Full charging time: ~2-3 hours.
Memory: High-speed flash memory up to 300+ modes.
Number of colors: 16,7 m.
Charge & data connection: MicroUSB cable
     What you'll get:
Fans kit (pair) High quality, durability and brightness.
Micro-USB cable + Charger Long working time, nice weight and balance
English manual Ready to use modes, pictures & show programs.
Tech support & free firmware updates.