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NeoWand 48 (96 LEDs)
NeoWand 48 (96 LEDs) NeoWand 48 (96 LEDs)


Levi Wand/Levitation Stick - is one of the most interesting and original props to create a unique light performance. Glow-in-the-dark «light» stick, dancing parallel with an artist incredibly impresses the viewers! The Levi Wand is equipped with a cord and a small swivel helping to keep the Levi Wand in a necessary position.

Attention! The props are designed for shows and performances.

New features of the latest generation

Smart Engine. This is a set of "smart" functions which provide steady operation of props. The engine consists of: the protection against hand-ups, auto control of the correct system's operation, detection and correction of mistakes, simple firmware update and much more.

Automation. The function of automatic show-programs preparation will help to create a show-program easily and quickly! You just put the images in a folder, turn the function on and the program will be prepared with an automatic mode switching (6 sec.), the auto-interval can be changed as you wish.

Energy saving. The energy saving mode will help you to make the working time 3 times longer by one click! It's a very convenient function for long journeys as well as for photo and video shootings or performances in the dark when high light intensity isn't needed or isn't comfortable.

Other key points and features

Show programs and timing. Create show programs with timing, enter the interval and the playback time. The repeat or switching off function will allow you to play the program once again or to put out the LEDs at the end of the show.

Modes loading and preparing. For modes editing, you don't need any special converting software. Connect the props to a computer like a USB drive and edit any image or show program with any editing program.

Realistic colors. For the props we use exponential auto levels brightness correction. What does it mean? With the help of color correction, the image, in reality, looks almost the same as on the screen.

The viewing angle during spinning. The reflection system is created in a way that the necessary reflections are created due to the LEDs location, and they fill the darkening which appears during spinning.

Weight and dynamics.The weight is balanced. Props have the right dynamics and a necessary balance for performing professional and highly-skilled elements of any complexity.

Parameters & Other

     Tech specs:
Resolution / Total LEDs: 48 pixels each side / 96 LEDs total.
Weight: ~250g.
Total length / Length of LED part: 68 cm. / 65 cm.
Rendering speed: 1000-4540 rows/second.
Ready to use modes: ~50+ pictures.
Battery: Li-Ion 1200mAh
Working time: ~ up to 8 hours.
Full charging time: ~2 hours.
Memory: High-speed flash memory up to 300+ modes.
Number of colors: 16,7 m.
Charge & data connection: MicroUSB cable
Tube: Polycarbonate, diameter - 25mm.
     What you'll get:
Programmable Levi Wand High quality, durability and brightness.
Micro-USB cable + Charger Long working time, nice weight and balance
English manual Ready to use modes, pictures & show programs.
Tech support & free firmware updates.