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NeoPixel Dragon Staff - NEW
NeoPixel Dragon Staff - NEW
$1 150.00

Newest model. Available for order! More information, photos and videos coming soon!



Pixel Dragon Staff – consists of 3 pairs of NeoPoi 32 with a maximum number of component parts: an image stabilization, wireless synchronization and a dragon convertor. As a result, you get both 3 pairs of pois and an additional props type, which can be taken as a basis for a specific show program.

The dragon-convertor consists of 3 parts, its handle is 90 cm + 30 cm of heads and cross-pieces, the total length when it's assembled is 150 cm. The assembling process takes about 3-5 min.

This model can be called, without exaggeration, the first fully-featured and convenient pixel dragon-staff in the world. Why is it the first one? You can ask it if you've ever met or seen the same staff. First of all, our pois have perfect weight, performance and we apportion the weight in the right place – in the end, not above. It means that every staff beam has the same weight assignment. That's why the process of spinning brings so much pleasure! Secondly, the main point is durability. If you've ever seen any optical or pixel dragon based on hard and immovable beams sticking out the cross-piece, be sure – such a construction won't work for a long. In our case, thank the project engineers, we offer a unique solution. The beams at the fall can bend back, softening and apportioning the strength of impact, by that guaranteeing the damage control.

Demonstration video